Waving Bear

I am a cedar chainsaw carved Waving Bear, I come in one perfect size, standing no taller than 12" high, also no wider than 12" and I am  less than 10" thick (front to Back). I make a perfect welcoming bear  for your patio, deck, entry way or  anywhere you want your family to see me and smile! We also make an even better gift for family and friends, and for any occasion out there! Im a great listener so dont forget to give me a name :)... Hope to meet my you and my new family soon!
  • Product Information

    All our products are made from dead or fallen cedar unless our product is labeled redwood. The cedars that we use for our carvings come from many of the recent Northern California forest fires. Chip's Fire and Paradise's Camp Fire name just two that we get our wood, harvesting the dead and left behind cedar and redwood.
  • Product Care

    We want you to love the look of your carving when you receive it so make sure to take proper care of them so you can enjoy having the same adorable look, as the first day you got him. If you plan on having your carving in the outdoors in the sun, you going to want to make sure to put a few coats of some outdoor deck or marine finish, this way your carving will be protected from the sun's UV rays. Remember, it doesn't take long for the sun to fade the coloring of your carving, so if you can't get a finish on him quickly, you may want to keep him inside till you can get around it. On the other hand, if you plan on keeping your carving indoors, well that's it!! If indoors you won't have to put a finish on him. Your carving should keep his look for a very long time but you may want to make sure that once he's placed, he isn't handled very much because the torch color we give him can rub off onto hands clothing and carpets. Just handle him with care and everything should be just fine!

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